Just Skip It!

Skipping has many different meanings depending on what context it is in.
Skipping rope
Skipping meals
Heart skipping a beat
Skipping stones
Skipping class
But none of these can top just plain skipping. You know, skipping, as in moving in a springy manner and bounding forward.

As I was heading out of my office, I looked down the hallway and saw a second grader on his way back to his classroom. Cute little thing was just a skipping away smiling ear to ear, and he was just so happy. Immediately, I had a smile and felt happy watching him. I thought to myself, life is pretty good if you are skipping! That happy feeling traveled with me for a good part of the day. I passed many staff members with a cheesy grin on my face, and they questioned me, “Why are you so happy?” I told them, “Life was so awesome that we should be skipping.” I got a few puzzled looks, but most of them giggled, laughed, and agreed. I challenged some of them to skip down the hall with me. I did it! It made me feel giddy! A few of them skipped with me when I did it again. Those that didn’t skip were smiling, laughing and enjoying the fact that skipping is uplifting in itself. Now mind you, being my age, a couple of skips and I was winded, but it was well worth it.
When was the last time you skipped? It is sure to lighten your mood and lift you up. I highly recommend it.
Just as Nike says Just Do it, I say, Just Skip it!