If You Don’t Love the Kids

Pernille Ripp

recite-10wdjq2I did not love school as a child.  I went.  Did my work.  Spent time with my friends.  Followed the directions and did my homework, mostly.  I did not hate school as a child.  It simply didn’t have enough significance for me to garner much of my emotion.  School was something you did, not something you loved.

Yet, as a teacher, I love school.  I love the feeling of coming into my classroom in the early morning hush waiting for the students to fill it.  I love the deserted hallways after the last bell has rung and the remnants of forgotten pencils remind us that the kids were just here.  I love the ideas.  I love the creativity.  The freshly sharpened pencils, the unused pens, the brand new books that are crying out to be read.   The camaraderie that exists in my school, the stories that are shared, the…

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Skate free or hold the rails- where are you on taking risks?

This is my second day at the Texas School Ready Early Childhood Summer Institute. It is being held at the Westin Galleria in Houston. Now, if you have never been to the Galleria, it is quite a treat with the food court next to an indoor ice skating rink. For two days I have grabbed my lunch and people-watched at the skate rink. It was a fabulous time watching the smiles on the faces of the kids skating, but adversely there were many people hanging on the the edge of the rink rails with fear and anxiety! In addition to those, others had a death grip on their friends that were skating alongside for support. 

As I’m watching this take place, I can’t help but think about the teaching profession and how this skating scenario relates. I realize that many teachers are risk takers and will go full force into something.  Unfortunately, there are many educators who remain in their comfort zone and never jump out on the ice!  Please, for the sake of our kids’ education, get off the rails and let go of your neighbors and take a risk. What’s the worst that can happen?  You fail?  Well so did a bazillion inventors before they mastered their inventions. To ensure you grow your craft, let go of the rails and skate free!  As you practice your craft you will get better, but if you never try, you never will!  Now, ladies and gentleman, the next song is an ALL SKATE FREE song!  Let go and learn.