All the Feels: Creating a Classroom Community of Readers by Rachel Weidenhammer

Nerdy Book Club

Two summers ago, I read and fell in love with Donalyn Miller’s books, The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild. I felt passionate and invigorated to help build a love of reading in my 5th grade students. After reading incessantly, creating Donor’s Choose projects for more high interest books, adding in reading time to my student’s school day and getting high-interest good quality diverse books into the hands of my students, I left last year with a room full of almost middle schoolers who love reading and talking about books.

As I start a new school year, I thought I’d recap some of the routines and traditions that have become engrained in my classroom community that have helped to establish the Weidenhammer Wild Readers that currently reside in my room and those who have moved on to middle school. I by no means have everything figured out and I…

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