New School Year Thoughts of Children of Poverty

This I believe to be true about some of the thoughts of struggling children coming back to school. Educators, please be empathetic for these sweet kids that need us more than ever. You make a difference.

I hope my teacher likes me.

I feel safer at school than home.

I can’t wait to eat breakfast and lunch.

I look forward to school because I won’t be lonely.

I’m sorry I don’t have a pencil.

I hope my teacher likes me.

I wish I had a cool backpack like my friends.

I am wearing the same shorts I have worn for three days, but they are the cleanest that I have.

My toes are scrunched up in my tennis shoes that are hand-me-downs from someone.

Please don’t ask us to talk about what we did for the summer. I was shipped off from home to home because my folks can’t take care of me. My dad went to jail. My mom was sleeping most of the summer, and I had to feed myself with no groceries in the pantry. I ate peanut butter out of a jar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three days.

I hope my teacher likes me.

Our air conditioning broke, and I can’t wait to feel the cool air at school.

I hope my teacher will hug me… a lot.

Our electricity was turned off for a week.

I hope I make a new friend.

Please don’t let that kid make fun of me again this year.

I hope my teacher likes me.

Please be patient with me. I don’t understand math.

There’s no way I can ever reach that reading goal for the ice cream reward. I might as well not even try.

I get up on my own and help get my two other little siblings get ready for school.

I hope I’m not the last kid picked for the game.

I hope my teacher likes me.

My favorite part of the day is when the teacher reads aloud with awesome voices.

My little sister has lice, again.

I don’t mind having detention. It’s another hour that I’m not at home.

My dog died this summer. He was my best friend.

My mom has another new boyfriend this month.


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