What’s New?

It’s the night before the first day back with new teachers! Yay! It’s a new year! We have new staff! We have some new paint! We have some new decorations! We have new school supplies! I have a new sound speaker from Bose to play our jams that is a beast! Some have new clothes! I bought new books for staff! We have had new student registration. We still have more students coming in.

Tomorrow we get to meet and introduce all of the new staff for the District! I’m just as nervous about tomorrow as the new staff members probably feel! They will be soaking up new information from new people.


I love this time of year! I love my job! I love our staff! I love it ALL!

Here’s to all of the new teachers and staff starting a new journey! May each of you find your why and continue to help mold our youth to be the best they can be!

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