School-wide Family Picnic Success

If ever there was a successful day, Friday was one of them! We held our yearly family picnic on Friday, and it was attended as if we had Taylor Swift coming to the campus! This is our 3rd year for the event and it gets better each year. We had the cafeteria make sack lunches with sandwiches, fruit, a drink, and chips which was simple to go through the line and grab and go. That also made for an easy toss in the trash can when cleaning up. Our maintenance team helped put up and take down pop-up tents. We have some beautiful trees that produce great shade and that helped too.

Families from PK to 5th hurriedly crowded the office to check in and make their way to our playgrounds. We split grade levels Pk/1/3/5 on the right playground, and the other grades on the left side playground. This definitely helped with the crowds. After they ate, I was happy to see them playing, grabbing a Kona Ice snow cone, or just chilling and smiling as they visit with their kids and families that shared the shade.

I even managed to spend a minute or two with my own three kiddos!

The weather couldn’t have been any better…sunny 83 degrees and a slight breeze! When it was all said and done, cleaned up, and visitors left, we had a whopping 250 guests come through the check in station. For a Title 1 school of 489, that is an amazing number. We can’t wait for next year!

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