This is What I Dread

Right now it’s spring break for me. It’s on the calendar every year as is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer breaks. All of these breaks are wonderful times to recharge and spend time with your family and relatives, or even go on a vacation. I really enjoy that time, but right around when day three hits, thoughts of my work family and students really start to flood my mind.

You see, my work family and students are my life. I see them considerably more than my own family. I long to hear them laughing and giggling, telling stories, singing in the restrooms, and speaking new words of learning. I smile when I see them smiling in the halls, classrooms, playgrounds, cafeteria, and buses or car duty. I love watching them learn, and seeing them when a lightbulb goes off in their mind is inspirational. I enjoy watching students interact with their peers and teachers. When they stop me and say, “Guess what?” is one of my favorite times at work. That conversation is about to be awe inspiring! I really count on their high-fives and hugs as a part of my daily routine. Happily, when our scheduled breaks are drawing closer to the end, I get very anxious knowing that I will see them soon.

With the pandemic of the Coronavirus around us, and school closings happening everywhere, I am deeply saddened. I am not saddened or panicked by materialistic items such as toilet paper or bread, I am saddened by the unknown. It is unknown when I will truly see my students. We have a scheduled extension of two weeks, but that end date could change based on the virus. I am saddened because I need my students! They are my world. They depend on us at the school and for more than just learning. Their social emotional well-being is in our hands. They depend on us for a healthy breakfast and lunch. They depend on us for creativity building and exploration! They depend on us for more than I can write.

But do you know what? I depend on them more than they know! I need those students like I need air to breathe. I need those sweet innocent children in my life. They are my family, and I want to make sure they are ok. Teaching and learning is our business, but relationships are our life. I dread not knowing when I will hug them again!

Hurry up Coronavirus, get gone so we can get back to doing what we do best- kids!


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