PR for beginners and more to come! Video brag!

We have been talking about improving public relations for our schools with our leadership team and the superintendent. In small districts, it can be tricky and very time consuming especially if you do not have a designated person to handle social media, web pages, etc.

I, for one, love to brag on my students and staff. I took it upon myself to investigate how else can I get the word out. I recently read a blog entry from Ryan McLane, and I quickly picked up his book, Your School Rocks…So Tell People.  It had super ideas!  So, I set out to take on the challenge of a video brag.

Each month principals are charged with providing a campus report for the monthly board meeting. It has typically been a handout or a PowerPoint of pictures. I read from Ryan’s blog and watched YouTube videos how to use iMovie, import pictures and videos and even learned how to use app Green Screen from Doink to help me get started.    I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make the video. I voluntold my twin second graders to help with the video. My intent is to enlist in students to make the interview parts rather myself. I will continue to make video brags!

So, I will now reveal my very first Points of Pride video brag!  I love my job!  I love my students!  I love my staff!!


FES March Points of Pride