The Book Whisperer {Chapter 1}

Starting the book study. Thanks for the info.

Literacy And Lattes


I am a reading teacher.  I teach first grade readers all day: one-on-one intervention with our most at risk readers in the morning and then literacy block in a classroom in the afternoon.

I am also a reader.  Ok…so I used to be more of a reader before I had two small kids, but in my heart I am a reader.  I love books.  I have always loved books.

Donalyn Miller speaks to my heart.  She is a teacher who loves books and wants her students to love them, too.

I love teaching readers…but I’m going to be honest and admit something to you…I do not love literacy centers.  I try really hard to love them.  I want to love this time.  I love teaching guided reading groups and know that the other kiddos need to be engaged in something to make those groups possible, so I’ve survived 10 years…

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