Duty calls! (Dance Duty)

Many people dread and despise duty…morning, lunch, car, recess, etc. I can honestly say that this is my favorite part of my day! I really love it all! I have had car duty and crosswalk duty people out for the last two weeks, and I jumped at the opportunity to take that duty. At the crosswalk and morning drop off I grab my Bose Soundlink Resolve portable bluetooth speaker and turn up the tunes. Passerby’s may see me scooting around and dancing as I work the duty process, and sometimes I even get the kids to do a jive or even the “floss” as they exit cars and walk to their destinations. Even my other staff on duty were shaking it and “be-bopping” as they opened car doors! Music can really help get the day moving! The best part is seeing the huge smiles on everyone’s faces! I see parents smiling in the car. I see siblings in the car smiling (and I mean hormonal middle school kids and nothing is cool at that age!). I see grandparents smiling and laughing!


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